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Week 1: 23rd March 2020

Monday 23rd March:

Tricky words: Play the phase 2 and 3 tricky word songs. Links below.


Activities :

  1. Write the tricky words as the song plays on a piece of paper.
  2. Write 2/3 sentences using one of the phase 3 tricky words.
  3. Play the game

Tuesday 24th March 2020

Writing words and captions:


  1. Use the images to write the words on a whiteboard or paper. Don’t forget your sound buttons. 
  2. Discuss what other words can you think of that begin with the sounds j, v, x, y, sh, ch, th.
  3.  Write the words down with a picture if you can.

Wednesday 25th March:

Exploring Sounds:
1.    Choose any 5 sounds your child needs help with. Go on a walk around your house and find 5-10 objects that begin with those sounds. Place them in a basket/box. 
2.    Can you sort them into groups of what sound they begin with? 
3.    Can you attempt to write those words?

4.    Play the phonics pop game.


Thursday 26th March:

Sensory writing practice: Choose one of the activities to do
1. Using anything sensory (salt, flour, sugar, sand) fill a small shallow tray. Using your finger or a paintbrush, think about what words/sounds you can make. Sound out a word for your child to write in the tray. If they find this difficult, write the word on paper for them to copy.
2. You will need a chalkboard and paintbrush. Write some words on chalkboard and trace over them using a wet paintbrush, sounding out as you trace. (as in the photo)

Should you not have chalkboard use a whiteboard to trace over.


Friday 27th March:

Reading practice: Log on to  Create a free account if you haven’t already. Choose the level for your child and do some reading with your child, attempt any activities on the website. Video or take a photo of your child reading.