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Week 1: 23rd March 2020

Week 1, Day 1: Monday 23/03/20


Talk about feeling and emotions with your children. 

Read a story to your children, such as Cinderella, and talk about the different emotions and feelings of the characters. E.g. Cinderella was sad and lonely in the beginning of the story, the step sisters were jealous of Cinderella. 

Children to make different emotions looking into the mirror and draw what they can see on paper. Once finished, they can label their drawings. E.g. Eyes, mouth, nose, sad face, happy face.


Week 1, Day 2: Tuesday 24/03/20


1. Find different type of music for the children to listen to on YouTube e.g. classical, jazz or upbeat music. Talk about how each music makes them feel. How would children dance to the different types of music? Please record and upload your children moving and expressing themselves to the different type of music.


2. Play a guessing game where the children have to tell how you are feeling by the expression on your face. Try to increase the children's vocabulary by using emotions other than happy or sad. Talk about what expressions can tell us about people's feelings and how others' expressions can affect us - for example, if someone smiles at us, we might want to smile back.


Week 1, Day 3: Wednesday 25/03/20


Let’s get messy!

Make playdough with your children, encourage mathematical language when measuring and mixing the ingredients. The children could look at the cup/jugs while adding ingredients and talk about the capacity, if it is full, half full or empty. Once the children have made their playdough, they can improve their fine motor skills by watching various playdough disco videos on YouTube. 


Week 1, Day 4: Thursday 26/03/20


People who help us: Doctors and Nurses

Discuss the different body parts with your children. Children can draw and label their own body. 

Talk about what happens if you’re not feeling very well or injure yourselves. Now talk about doctors and nurses with your children, what are their roles? Does your children remember ever going to the doctors? What it was for? 

What might they find in the doctor’s office? Introduce some equipment’s such as: 
Tongue spatula 
Bloody pressure machine


Week 1, Day 5: Friday 27/03/20


Can the children collage an image relating to doctors and nurses?

Children can draw an outline of a vehicle or a person, then use different materials and paper (anything around the house) to decorate their template. Can the children identify any key equipment’s or uniform that they might find in the hospital? Can they add it to their drawings? E.g. nurses hat, doctors name tag, stethoscope or doctors bag.