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Spring 2 Week 5 23.03.20

Firs Farm Primary School

Year 6 Maths – Remote Learning

Week 1 23rd March 2020

You will need: paper (squared if possible), pencils, ruler. Please ensure all tasks are completed daily (as much as possible) and uploaded. We will be setting a 2-day deadline. For example, the Maths work uploaded on a Monday needs to be submitted and completed by Wednesday. Please see table below for clarification

Day work set via Arbor by 12pm

Day work to be completed and submitted back to Arbor for marking












Monday – Lesson 1

Work through Year 6 translation PowerPoint

Complete activity cards

Complete mastery questions from the slides


Tuesday – Lesson 2

Work through the PowerPoint and complete the activities.


Wednesday – Lesson 3

Work through the PowerPoint and complete the activities.


Thursday – Lesson 4

Work through PowerPoint.

Investigation is taken from this website, where you’ll also be able to find a solution.


Friday – Lesson 5

Please spend 30 minutes on MyMaths, completing any activities set.

Please complete 20 minutes on Times Table Rockstars revising.

Useful links for this week


You may also wish to spend time on:

Top Marks

ICT games

BBC Bitesize


Remote Learning – Maths



Every Monday morning (by 12pm), the website will be updated with all of the documents needed for the week. There will also be an instruction page which gives you an overview of the week, what you will need, useful links and expectations of what and how to submit your work.



Every day (by 12pm), resources and any learning materials needed for the Maths lesson will be assigned via Arbor. These will be Word documents, pdfs and PowerPoints. Please ensure the work is submitted by the deadline in order to keep up with the learning you are asked to do.



Any MyMaths learning and resources that will support the activities set that week will be available to access on the Monday until the following Sunday. On here you should be able to find mini lesson tutorials to help you.


Times Table Rock Stars

Aim to practice your times table as much as possible however each Friday, time in your Maths lesson will be dedicated to this.