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Week 2: 27th April 2020


Addition and Subtraction. Provide your children with 5 items. Ask them to add one more. Many children will count from 1 up to 6. We are working towards the children starting from the number 5 and adding on instead of starting with 1 each time they add another number. 


Activity 1

Play I count, you count. The adult points to themselves and counts. Then point to the child and they continue to count (up to 10) to start, e.g,

1,2,(adult)     3,4, (child)    5,6     7,8

Use everyday moments to count out loud and see if your child can continue counting from where you left off without starting from 1.


Activity 2

Play the Orchard Toys Bus Stop game if you have it. Discuss adding and taking away people as you play.

If you don’t have it then create your own Bus Stop game. Use a car or train. Stick 2 bits of playdough/ stickers/ toy people on top and drive the car. If you have a dice use that to add more people when you get to the bus stop (your child can make a bus stop using playdough or draw one). If you don’t have a dice, just choose a number for your child to add more people to the car. You can let the people get off the car as well and show your children taking away.


Activity 3

Subtracting/ Taking Away. Sing 10 Green Bottles. Show NumberBlocks video:

At snack time provide your child with 10 pieces of a snack, (10 pieces of grapes or a banana cut into 10 pieces, biscuits etc). Sing the 10 green bottles song but replace green bottles for whatever the fruit is and your child can eat a piece of the fruit/ snack each time. At another snack time you can play this again but ask your child to count how many pieces of snack there are. Then tell them you are taking away 2. How many are left? Try taking away different numbers.