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Week 2: 27th April 2020

This week is the last week for the story of the Gruffalo. I wonder if your children can send in videos of themselves singing the Gruffalo song and using Makaton by the end of the week.


Our topic activities for this week are:


Activity 1:
Play guess who game with your children. Describe an animal e.g. it has 4 legs, a wagging tail, 2 pointy ears. Your children then have to guess the animal ‘A Dog’. 

Once they are confident, they could have a go at describing animals, which you then have to guess. 


Activity 2:
Look at animal habitats e.g. log pile house, treetop house, and underground house, then discuss which animals live where. If children have access to cameras or Ipads, they could go to the garden or park and take photos of different habitats. 
Children can then use the photos that they have taken to draw a picture and match it to the animal.


Activity 3:
The Gruffalo was a stranger to the mouse, talk about stranger danger with your children, should the mouse have spoken to the Gruffalo?
Look at the PowerPoint attached on strangers and safer strangers with your children.


Now let your children make a den using any materials around the house to hide from the Gruffalo and you can enjoy a storytime in the den once finished. Don't forget to take lots of pictures.

Strangers and safer strangers