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Week 2: 27th April 2020

Our activities for this week are:

1. Playdough phonics: You will need playdough and magnetic letters/plastic letters. Can you make some letter shapes/words in the playdough?
Use the images as a guide on various things you can do.

2. Create some phonic baskets using any sounds that your child finds difficult. What objects can you find in your home which includes that sound in it? The sound can be at the start, middle or end of the word. Then try to attempt writing any of the words on paper/board etc.

3. Can you make a sound dice? Choose your template either for phase 3 phonemes or phase 4 initial sounds. Once you have made the dice, play a game by rolling it and see what sound you get. Can you write it or think of word with that sound?

Playdough phonics