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Week 2: 30th March 2020

Maths Week 2 Day 1- Monday 30/03/20

Money. Show your children some coins. Talk about what shape the coins are. What the value of the coins is. When we use these coins. Talk about where we get coins from.  Ensure your child can just recognise the different coins. This is all about exploring them first. 

Activities. Choose at least 1 activity to do.

  1. Play bankers. Your child can use your bank card and ask to take some money out the bank (you are the banker). They can ask for the individual coins or for a certain amount.
  2. Look at the different coins and draw them or paint a picture of them.

     3.   Do a rubbing of the coins placing paper over them and rubbing with a crayon. Which coin do you like most? Why?

Maths Week 2 Day 2: Tuesday 31/03/20

Money. Discuss where we use coins in real life, at the shops/ soft play etc.
Activities you can choose from:
1. Set up a role play shop with 7 items. Label each item with 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p, £1. Your child can have each of these coins and come and buy an item from your shop.
2. Role play shops. Label the items with prices up to 10p. Can your child add some coins together to make the correct amount?
When children are adding numbers together we would have numicon and/or counting objects out (such as marbles/ pasta) for the children to count out and add together. We do not expect all children to be able to add two numbers together in their head at this stage.
Extending children:
Some children may be ready to write out a number sentence eg. 5+2=7. Some children will draw dots to represent 5 and 2 and some children will be confident to write the numerals/numbers themselves.

Maths Week 2 Day 3: Wednesday 1/04/20


Ordering and sequencing events. Talk your child about what they are doing today. Are there certain activities we do each day? Are there activities we only do on certain days? Can you name the days of the week? Do you remember any key activities you do on certain days?


  1. Draw a picture and label it for all the different activities you do today. Cut them out so you have a pile of activities. Order them.

     2. Can you make a timetable for the week with labelled pictures for each activity?

Maths Week 2 Day 4: Thursday 2/04/20

Ordering and sequencing events.

Talk about what you do in the morning, lunch time, afternoon and evening/ bedtime.

Choose one of the activities

  1. Can you count how many activities you do before lunch? How many you do before dinner? How many you do before bed?
     2. Draw a picture and label it with morning, lunchtime, afternoon or bedtime.

Maths Week 2 day 5: Friday 3rd April:

Measuring short periods of time.

Talk to your children about time. Show them a clock. Talk about the minute hand and the hour hand. Discuss measuring time in seconds, minutes and hours.  Show them what o’clock looks like. 


  1. Make your own clock on paper or a paper plate. 
  2. Talk about what time you eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. What time you wake up and go to sleep. 
  3. Use a timer for your child to understand how long time feels. Start with 1 second, 10 seconds, 1 minute, 10 minutes. What can you do within each amount of time? What would you do in an hour?