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Week 2: 30th March 2020

Week 2, Day 1: Monday 30/03/20


The story of Easter

Watch video on the story of Easter with your children, here is a link you could use: 

Have a discussion with your children about the story, can you record your children retelling the story to you and upload it on Tapestry.

Now let's get crafty. 
Get your children to decorate their own chicks using supplies you have at home. Here are some simple examples of fun craft activities. 



Week 2, Day 2: Tuesday 31/03/20


People often celebrate Easter by eating chocolates, buns and cakes. Try making a sweet treat with your children to enjoy with the family. 

An easy option is to make Easter nests: 
Children to break the shredded wheat and mix with the melted chocolate. Children need to then add the mixture onto a cupcake holder. To finish off, you could add mini chocolate eggs with a chick on the Easter nests.



Week 2, Day 3: Wednesday 01/04/20


At Easter time, lots of flowers start growing in the ground and on the trees. Go for a walk around a park or a garden and see what flowers and plants you can see growing. 

Look at the leaves on the trees, what colour are they? How are they different to when we observed them in Autumn and Winter? 


Can you draw a picture of what you can see and label it? E.g. tall tree, green leaves, colourful blossoms, green grass. 


Week 2, Day 4: Thursday 02/04/20


Craft Time!


Decorate some hard-boiled eggs, to make them bright and colourful. You could use pens or paint and add some extra decorations, such as stickers, feathers, pom-poms or googly eyes.

Alternatively, children could decorate their own Easter egg on the template below.



Easter Egg Template

Week 2, Day 5: Friday 03/04/20


Junk modelling:


Can your children make an Easter basket with an empty cardboard box and decorate it with colourful paint or Easter pictures.

When your children’s baskets are dried, have an Easter egg hunt! Hide some Easter eggs for the children to find. How many eggs have they found? Can they count them?