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Week 2: 30th March 2020

Monday 30th March:

A digraph is when two letters make one sound, a trigraph has 3 letters making one sound. For example ch, air
Choose some of the following activities to do:

1. Watch the video link below: 

2. Choose one of the digraphs from the video, can you go on a sound hunt around your house finding items which may have that digraph in it.

3. Take a photo of the objects you found, can you attempt to write the words, using sound buttons underneath. Remember the sound button for a digraph is different, see images.

Tuesday 31st March:

Game time: 
Go on the Phonics play website (login using the free username: march20, password: home)

Choose to play games ranging from phase 2 to phase 4. Phase 2 being the easiest level. 
Take a photo of them playing a game. Enjoy. 


Wednesday 1st April:

Download either the Phase 2 or 3 Tricky Words booklet. Children can choose to complete any of the sheets, not all is necessary. Take a photo of some of your work.

Thursday 2nd April:

Create your own Buried Treasure phonics game.
Either use the image attached as guidance or create your own version. Use the ready made resource from twinkl website should you want to.
Write some real and nonsense words on small pieces of paper, print or draw two pirates, a treasure chest and rubbish bin. Once finished play the game with an adult. See how many words you can get into the treasure chest Take photo as evidence.

Friday 3rd April:

Captions: Use the pictures attached to write your own captions (sentences). Think about the tricky words you know and can you hear any digraphs in the words.  

Choose one of the following:

Take a photo of your writing or a video of you reading your sentences.