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Week 2: 8/06/20

Activity 1 (Home)

Ice maths.

If you have space freeze a block of ice in a Tupperware container. Take out the ice and some paint and a paintbrush. Challenge your child to write some numbers in paint on the ice.


 Put some objects that can be washed (toy dinosaurs etc) and ask your child to put them into two groups and write the number sentence, e.g. 3 (dinosaurs) + 5 (dinosaurs)=___

Your child can make up their own number sentences or you can.

How much can you do before the ice melts?

If you don’t have the space to freeze a block of ice just paint onto paper.


Extension: For those children who are confident with numbers to 20, attempt to write number sentences using larger numbers. (15+5=20)

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Activity 2 (Home/ School)

Chalk maths writing. Challenge your child to write numbers in chalk on the ground and then use a spray bottle/ paintbrush to paint over the number. Write a number sentence for your child e.g. 6+5=__ Your child can paint over the numbers and write the answer in chalk.  Have fun adding different numbers and painting over them.


Use larger numbers should your child be confident with it.

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Activity 3 (Home/ School)

We will soon start to look at doubling properly. See what your child notices in this activity and just introduce the vocabulary ‘double’, ‘doubling’.

Ladybird maths. Show your child the picture of the ladybird. What do they notice about the spots on each wing? There is the same number on each wing. Can you add all the spots together? When you are adding the same numbers together it’s called doubling. 2+2, 3+3 etc.

Can your child make their own ladybird with the same number of spots on each wing?

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