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Week 2: 8th June 2020

Activity 1 - Home 

Allow children to collect natural resources from the garden or the park. The children should use these creative resources to make a nature picture. They can make a face to represent how they are feeling, they can use the different shapes and textures of leaves for hair and catkins makes very effective eyebrows. Colourful flowers can be used as hair decorations, eyes, lips or even earrings. The wind had blown lots of small twigs off the trees and they can be used to make face shapes or to frame the picture.


Picture 1

Activity 2 - Home/School 

Go outside with clipboards, paper and pencils or charcoal sticks. Look around for suitable plants, flowers, and sights to draw. Show children how to make soft, sketchy lines on their paper rather than pressing hard. Can they make some observational drawings of a plant or flower?


Picture 1

Activity 3 - Home/School 

On a fine day use thick pavement chalk to draw differently sized and shaped frames in your garden or outside area. Let children draw pictures in them, they can draw their favourite summer destination or a beach scene. Don’t forget to take pictures before the end of the day in case the rain washes all the masterpieces away!