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Week 2: 8th June 2020

Our Phonics activities for this week:There arw sone extension tasks to compete , should you child need more challenging. These are not compulsory to complete. 

Activity 1 (Home): Go through the powerpoint for Phase 4 words. Model reading these with your child. Remember to sound out the first three words and then add the final sound
(j-u-s = j - u – st)

Play quick write. How many words can your child write in one minute?

Phase 4: Went, just, hump, band, felt, lamp, nest, link, lost.

Should your child not be as confident with these words, revise writing some Phase 3 words (down, now, tear, quack, chick, ring, thin, sheet, tooth)

Extension: Choose 3 of the words and write a sentence for each word.

Activity 2 (Home-School):
Have a look at the images showing different things we could see in the City of London if we were going to go for a walk.
Discuss with your adult.

Can you write some sentences to describe these images? Try to think about what you can see, smell or hear.
Don’t forget to use your sounds to help you sound out the words. Use finger spaces and full stops if you can too.

If you cannot think of a sentence, your adult could help you begin your sentences with these starters:
I can see…
There is a…
In the sky you can see/hear…

Extension: If your child is confident with their writing, try to use some interesting words to describe what they see (adjectives).e.g. Red bus, bright yellow sun.

Activity 3 (Home - School):

Go though some yes/no questions with your child, attempting to read each sentence. Choose from phase 3 or 4.

Can your child identify any digraphs or trigraphs in the words, can they add the sound buttons to some of the words?

Extension: Using the Oxford owl website, practice reading some of your favourite Biff and Chip books for your relevant stage, or your adult could help you read the next stage up.
Tell your adult why you like the story, what it is about and who your favourite characters are.