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Week 2 w/c 30.03.20

Remote Home Learning

Maths Week 2 30.03.20


Here is an overview of your week of Maths. At the end of each PowerPoint, there are useful links to help explain the work further should you need it. Only complete the activities which say TASK by them, the other questions are for discuss and to get you thinking about the learning that day. Don’t forget there are mini lessons on MyMaths that you can also access.


Monday – pie charts

Working through the PowerPoint, you will be asked to interpret different pie charts using the questions provided. Then move onto making your own pie charts calculating the accurate angle size. (Don’t worry, we don’t expect you to draw the angles accurately when making your own pie chart!). Move onto the task to complete.


Tuesday – drawing a line graph

Read through the PowerPoint and then use the data given to construct your own line graph. If you do not have the resources to do this, then please use the data to answer the questions. However, ideally you will construct your own line graph and then answer the provided questions.


Wednesday – calculating the mean

Work through the PowerPoint paying particular attention to the method of calculating the mean. Consider the discussion questions on the slides before completing the task yourself.


Thursday – TTRS and MyMaths (based on this week’s work)

When you log on to MyMaths there are lots of different activities that have been set. You do not need to complete all of them! They are just a good selection for you to revise. Please also spend some time on TTRS challenging yourself and others as your recap your times table and division facts.


Friday – catch up day!

Spend this time catching up on anything set this week.