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Week 3: 15/06/20

This week is linked to the Snail and the Whale and looking at patterns. This time, more complex patterns. It is important to talk with your child about the patterns as they get more complicated, to ensure they understand what the pattern is.  Please see the documents attached for more support.

Activity 1: (Home)

Make a seaside mandala using what you can find such as shells, rocks, feathers (but also can use buttons/ pompoms etc). Look at the picture for an idea. Organise your objects in a pattern and talk to your adult about the order you placed them in and why.

Picture 1

Activity 2: (Home/school)

The snail in the book The Snail and the Whale has a shell which is a spiral in shape. Draw your own spiral and use finger paints/ felt tips to dot a repeating pattern on the spiral. Remember for a repeating pattern use two or three colours and repeat the order you use them.


Extend the learning: Can your child do a more complicated pattern? Instead of just using two colours, use three or four colours. Instead of having the colours repeat one at a time use some of the colours twice in a row.  E.g. red, yellow, yellow, green, red, yellow, yellow green.

Picture 1

Activity 3: (Home/ School)

Use the sheet provided of the pattern frames




Ask your child to fill in the squares using any objects they want (buttons/ grapes of different colours etc) but you need two different colours. Can your child make the patterns described in the picture.

An AB pattern could be yellow, blue, yellow, blue

An ABC pattern could be yellow, blue, red, yellow, blue, red.

An ABB pattern could be yellow, blue, blue, yellow, blue, blue.


Which types of patterns fit exactly into the frame and which don’t? Why do you think this is?