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Week 3: 15th June 2020

Activity 1 (Home) 

Let’s practise your tricky words.
Play the tricky word songs from youtube for phase 2 ,3 and 4 (choose whichever level suited for your child).

Please see the images attached from the document and choose one activity to do with your child to revisit reading tricky words.


Extend learning: Tricky word domino game
Have some tricky words with domino spots on the back. One child rolls the dice, and then picks up a domino with that number of spots on. They try to read what the tricky word says.


Activity 2: (Home-School)

Writing Focus: Watch part of the video clip about under the sea and discuss what you can see. 

Use the Under the water picture to write a few sentences about what you can see. You can use the worksheet or a whiteboard / chalkboard to write the sentences.

If you cannot write a sentence attempt to write a few words.

Here are some words you could suggest to your child to sound out in their sentences:
Fish, green, black,blue, seaweed, shells, shark, starfish, crab, jellyfish, big, splash, bubbles, wavy,

Remember to use your finger spaces and full stops.

Extend your learning: Can you complete the Under the Sea writing sheets to describe the sea creatures?


Activity 3 (Home -School)
Phase 4:
Show children these sound /consonant clusters:
cl fl sp cr

Can you think of any words that begin with these sounds?

(clock, clip, float, flop, spot, spoon, crook, crack)

Practise reading and writing the words you have thought of, either on paper /whiteboard / chalk outside.

Play Phase 4 games on 


Extend your learning: Complete Missing sounds sheet. Can you create your own worksheet to test your adult?