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Week 3: 15th June 2020

Activity 1: Home

Read the book of The Snail and the Whale. Can you identify all of the rhyming words?

In the story, the Snail helps the Whale who is in danger. What kind of friend does that make the Snail? What makes a good friend? 

Play the friendship sorting game at home or make up your own.

Activity 2: Home/School 

In the story, the Whale sang a song to the Snail. Think about the sounds the whales make, can you sound like a whale?

Listen to the YouTube video, use instruments or other resources at home to follow the music. How would you move to this sound? 


Activity 3: Home/School

Look at some pictures of snails, what patterns and shapes can you see on them?

Use the template provided or a paper plate at home to make your own snail. You can use paint or collage to make your snail.