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Week 3: 4th May 2020


Activity 1:

Sing the days of the week song. CBeebies has a selection

Talk about which days are the weekend. Do you (usually) do any special activities on certain days?

Can you make a days of the week spinner to show what yesterday, today and tomorrow is?



Activity 2:

Do you have any of the foods in the book The Very Hungry Caterpillar Book? Count out how many of each food you have. Can you draw a picture of the food and draw the correct number of dots and numeral next to each picture? Can you add different foods together, e.g. 1 apple + 2 plums? Draw the 1 apple + 2 plums. 

Extend the activity: Can you write the number in words?

Activity 3:

Count to 20. Watch these videos.

Numberblocks Series 4 Episode 11: Twenty

Numberblocks Series 5 Episode 14: I can count to 20 song.

Lay out 20 objects for your child to count all of them. As we count each number is one more than the last.

Talk about what ‘one more’ means. One more means the number gets bigger, we are adding to the last number. You can ask your child how many do we have now