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Week 3: 4th May 2020

Phonics Activities: 

1. You will need: sand timer/clock,words written on little cards/post its (use words that your child is familiar with.)

Play the game ‘Countdown’. Use a sand timer or clock. Your child has one minute to read as many words as they can. Encourage children to sound out words. Repeat, can they beat their score?
You can also play this as a writing game, called ‘Quick write’ adult says the words and child writes as many words as they can in one minute. 


2. Look at all the tricky words for phase 2,3 and 4. Choose the phase your child is comfortable with. 
Can you read them? Can you write them down on a whiteboard or trace them in the sand/salt tray? 
Create a tricky word tree poster to use to help you practise reading the words.
3.  A selection of activities to do, choose which phase suits your child's ability. The documents are attached or see the website to download. 
•    Phase 2 cvc pairs game
•    Phase 3 words and images sorting
•    Phase 4 words to read and write