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Week 4: 11th May 2020

This week the focus is on adding (plus) and taking away (subtracting/ minus). Talk to your child about more and less. When we add to something we have more, we are combining two groups together. When we take something away from a group we have less, we start with one group and end up with  2 groups if it is objects we are counting out. This looks different when we are taking away food that is eaten as if you start with one group of 5 grapes and you eat 2 grapes there is still one group of 3 grapes left. 

The children should also recap their learning about the Days of the Week so you know what they are confident with and what they need more support with. 


Activity 1

Recap last weeks activity about the days of the week to ensure they are confident. Can they tell you which day is today/ tomorrow/ yesterday? Can they order the days of the week correctly? Do they know how many days there are in a week/ weekend?

Sing the days of the week song. CBeebies has a selection

Talk about which days are the weekend. Do you (usually) do any special activities on certain days?

Can you draw what the Hungry caterpillar eats on each day of the week?

Activity 2

Gather 10 foods (related to hungry caterpillar if you want) or 10 objects. Ask your child to count out how many items there are. Tell your child the caterpillar is hungry and pretend to eat one of the items (and take it away). Ask your child how many are left. Repeat taking away a different amount each time.

Extend the learning: Provide up to 20 items to take away from. Ask your child some questions. How many items did I have at the start? How many items did I take away? How did you work it out?

Activity 3

Hidden items.

Place 5 objects underneath a tea towel. Make sure your child sees them and has counted them. Now show another 2 items and place them under the tea towel. Show your child how you start with 5 and then count on 2 to make a total of 7. Use your fingers to help your child visualise. Ask your child to start at 5 and count on 2. Try with different numbers. Only adding up to 5 more objects.


Repeat the game starting with 10 objects. Take 1 object out from under the tea towel. Show your children 10 fingers, put one finger down and say 9. 10 – 1= 9. Repeat, starting with no more than 10 items and taking away different numbers of objects. Your child can use their fingers to show the starting number and then take away what is needed.

Extend the learning- can your child do this with numbers up to 20? Does your child need their fingers? Use the word ‘takeaway’ in your game. Can your child tell you if the answer is more or less than the starting number?