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Week 4: 11th May 2020

The activities for this week are:


Activity 1:

Can your children make a simple bug hotel for the bugs in your garden? You can use empty water bottles and just put leaves and twigs inside. Please look at the image below to have an idea of what to do. Observe over the week and take pictures of any bugs that visit the bug hotel. 


Activity 2:

Talk about symmetry with your children. Children need to create a symmetrical butterfly by using the template attached below. The children need to paint one side of the template, then the children need to fold the template in half and when they open up the template their butterfly would be complete. 


Activity 3:

Have a The Very Hungry Caterpillar picnic with the different foods mentioned in the story, encourage the children to discuss what they like and dislike to eat. During the picnic look at the letters in the word ‘caterpillar’ and try rearranging some of the letters to spell other words e.g. ‘pet’ and ‘rat’ can be made. Challenge the children to find other hidden words.

Bug hotel

Symmetry butterfly