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Week 4: 11th May 2020

Activity 1:

Download the Roll a dice worksheet, choose either phase 3 or 4. You will need a dice and a pencil and paper.

 Throw the dice and see what number you get, match your number to the image and try to write the word down.


Activity 2: 

Create some words cards from the list.  Create a phoneme frame and ask your child to attempt to place the sounds in the correct box, this will help with blending the sounds together.

If you don’t have magnetic letters, create cut out paper letters for your child to use.

Phase 3: turn, down, road, high, weep, look, song,

Phase 4: drop, spear, fresh, frog, sniff, green, clap


Activity 3:

Reading practice:

Use the silly questions sheets to read some of the sentences. Choose from either phase 3 or 4. Can you spot any digraphs or trigraphs in the words to help you read?


Can you think of any silly questions to write?

e.g. Can a fish eat sweets?