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Week 4: 22/06/20

This week is also linked to the Snail and the Whale and looking at shape, space and measure. With position, use language such as behind, in front, next to, on top of, under etc. With higher and lower and measuring length the children can use non standard measures such as blocks or hands at this age whilst being aware of rulers.  

Activity 1 (Home)

Think about how the snail travels to lots of different places in the book. Make a map of where you have been recently, where you go for a walk or make up an adventure. Look at the picture below to help you make your map. Talk about position using words such as over, under, behind, next to, in front of.



Extend the learning: There are a few extra resources on the school website about position.

Activity 2 (Home/ School)

The snail does a lot of crawling in the book. Have a look at the pictures in the word doc on the website or below. Discuss if the snail is higher or lower. Perhaps choose some objects (e.g animal toys or teddies) and place them in different places to discuss which one is higher or lower. Also use vocabulary highest and lowest to compare two or more objects in relation to each other.


Play Simon Says telling your child where to put an object.


Extend the learning: Choose an object in your home. Maybe a chair or a book on a shelf. What is it higher than? What is it lower than? Can you draw a picture of the object and another object and label higher and lower?


Look at some extra resources on the school website.

Activity 3

How long is the snail? Do you think the snail is longer or shorter than the whale? Can you compare two objects in your house and decide which is longer and shorter. Collect some of your favourite animal toys and line up in length order from shortest to longest. How can we measure how long or short they are? Use blocks or your hands if the objects are very large.


Use playdough to make worms. Which ones are longer? Which ones are shorter?


Extend the learning: Look at some of the worksheets on the website.