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Week 4: 22nd June 2020

Activity 1 (Home)

Play the game Quickwrite: How many words can you write in one minute?

Choose from a selection from Phase 3 and 4. Show your child the words and ask them to check which ones were right, discuss the mistakes they may have done with some of their words. Repeat game.

(ph3: sheet thing thorn teeth coach chain faith sheep)

(Ph4: steep cream swing thrill frog sniff tree clown droop)


Activity 2 (Home - School)

Show Phase 4 captions powerpoint, attempt to read the sentences with your child.

Then choose an image from the powerpoint, can they attempt to write the matching sentence? Read the sentence slowly and encourage them to use their phonic knowledge.

If your child struggles with Phase 4, use the Phase 3 powerpoint.

Extend your learning: Write some sentences using the Phase 4 tricky words (some, one, said, come, do, so, were, when, have, there, out, like, little, what)


Activity 3 (Home - School)

Sentence Substitution:

Show a phase 4 sentence, ask your child to read it with you (The man burnt the toast.)

 Rub out one word in the sentence and substitute a different word (The man burnt the towel).

Re-read together, does it make sense? Continue substituting words The man burnt the towel; The girl burnt the towel; The girl burnt the milk; The girl brings the milk – asking your child to read the new sentence to decide whether it still makes sense or is nonsense.


Extend your learning: Can your child think of their own sentences and substitute words?

Sentence Substitution

Sentence Substitution 1