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Week 5: 18th May 2020

Activity 1:
Focus on segmenting and blending words. Segmenting is when you separate the different sounds in a word
(r-i-ng), blending is when you try to string all the sounds together in a word when you read it.
Choose one of the worksheets to complete , see below. One or two sentences would be enough should your child struggle to do that part of the sheet.
Sheet 1. Segment and blend using phase 3 sounds
Sheet 2. Segment and blend using phase 3 and phase  4 words.

Activity 2:
Play 'Phonics eye spy', walk around your home and play eye spy, "can you see something beginning with the sound…" or "beginning with the digraph sound…"

You can then choose which eye spy sheet to complete.

Activity 3:
Can you play the er ir ur game? These sounds all sound the same but are spelt differently. You will need the game sheet, counters and a dice.
Extension: Can you create your own sound game just like this? Choose which sounds you want and perhaps look online for words that you can include in your game.