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Week 5: 18th May 2020

We will start a new book for the last week of term, the name of the book is Eat Your Peas, here is a link to the book online: 


The activities for the week are:


Activity 1: 

Discuss healthy eating with your children, why is it important to eat healthily? Can the children link healthy eating to the importance of a healthy body? In order to have a healthy body, we must keep active and exercise, can your children complete a Zumba dance every day this week then make up their own simple routine at the end of the week to perform to their parents and teachers? 
Encourage them to think about the changes in their body before and after the exercise.


Activity 2: 

Can the children name the 5 senses? 
What sense do we use when we are eating? 
Play guess the smell with your children, parents can you have some spices or food items in little bowls, e.g. garlic, orange, chocolate, then blindfold the children and they have to guess the item by smelling or tasting.


Activity 3: 

Can the children plan a healthy meal and cook it with the family? They can write down the instructions, like the recipe and which equipments they have used after they have prepared the meal. 

An alternative activity would be for children to design a healthy plate, they could cut out pictures from magazines or the children can draw and write down what's on their plate.