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Week 5: 18th May 2020

Data Handling. The children will collect data (information) on the different vegetables in the house and what everyone likes. Data is often recorded as a pictogram in Reception/ Year 1. The children can draw a picture of each vegetable and then colour in how many people like each one. Ask your child to count up the totals and discuss which vegetables people like more or less. Compare the numbers and talk about which numbers are more or less.


Activity 1

What vegetables does everyone in your house like?

Create a chart to show what everyone likes. It can be a pictograph or a tally chart. Look at the picture below for an idea of what to create.
Picture 1

Activity 2

Which vegetables have you not tried in a while/ don’t like?  

Write/ draw a list of all the vegetables you know. Tick the ones you like.  See picture below for ideas of what to create.
Picture 1

Activity 3

Time to try a vegetable you haven’t in a while. Write down the days of the week. How many vegetables can you eat each day? Have you tried a new one? Can you eat different coloured vegetables e.g. yellow sweetcorn, green peas, red pepper, purple aubergine.