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Week 5: 29th June 2020

Activity 1: Home 


Read the story The Colour Monster with your children. If you do not have the book, you can listen to it from this YouTube video: 

Talk about emotions with your children, when was the last time they felt confused? Any why? What made it go away? Talk about separating feelings into their own jars. 
Can your children retell the story of the Colour Monster and record themselves but only this time, retell the story from the point of view of the Colour Monster?


Activity 2: Home/School


Use clay, playdough or even junk modelling to make a Colour Monster at home with your children, encourage your children to paint/colour the monster with the colours that represent their own feelings. E.g. use yellow for happiness, blue for sadness or green for calm. 


Activity 3: Home/School


Watch this video about primary and secondary colour with your children 

Explore mixing the primary colours red, yellow and blue to make a new colour. You can use the template attached to record your findings.