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Week 5: 29th June 2020

Activity 1 (Home)
Reading two syllable words:
Write a two syllable word on paper/whiteboard: lunch/box. Sound talk the first syllable (l-u-n-c-h) and blend. Then with b-o-x and blend.
Say both syllables (lunchbox). Ask your child to join in.

Repeat with other words:
(desk-top, help-desk, sand-pit, gift-box)

Extend your learning: Clap the syllables in the words with your child. Can they tell you the sounds in each syllable and write them down?


Activity 2 (Home School)
Can you write what the Colour Monster looks like?
What sentences or short phrases can you think of?
Try to use your phonic sounds to help you, use capital letters and full stops.

Some words to help you:
big, googly eyes, fuzzy hair,fur, red, green, two legs, sharp teeth.


Extend your learning: Complete the Monster description sheet, using the interesting words to help you.


Activity 3 (Home School)
Read Yes/No questions:
Create two cards with ‘yes’ on one side and ‘no’ on the other. Show your child the sentences to attempt to read and respond if true by using the yes/no card.


Extend learning: Revise phase 3 and 4 tricky words to read and write