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Week beginning 13/07/2020

Y5 Sum2 Wk7 Maths1

  • There are two families of frogs – red and blue
  • Each family contains 3 frogs.
  • The red frogs live on the left of the pond, the blue frogs on the right.
  • One day they decide to swap places!
  • There are 7 lily pads which the frogs must use to cross the pond.
  • Frogs can only jump to empty lily pads.
  • Frogs can only jump over ONE other frog at a time.
  • Frogs don’t know how to jump backwards!


Use this link to look at how families of two frogs managed to swap places with five lily pads. 

Play the game to find the least number of moves for families of 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, etc frogs.
Is there a pattern?
Can you find a rule?

Y5 Sum2 Wk7 Maths2

Y5 Sum2 Wk7 Maths3