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Week beginning 23/03/2020

Optional Sewing Project. 
We have been learning about the Battle of Hastings and our Design Technology Project is sewing a sample of the Bayeux Tapestry. If you have access to needles, thread and a piece of fabric (an old cloth or T shirt you have grown out of will do) you can practise all the stitches for needlework. 
Main stitches: running, back, stem, chain, satin, cross. You can find excellent You Tube videos to show you how to do each of these stitches. 

History and Computing: The Bayeux Tapestry

Home Learning: The Battle of Hastings and the Bayeux Tapestry. 
We have made a brief study of the invasion of the Normans and the Battle of Hastings in 1066. 
Can you find the answers to these questions? 
1. Why did William, the Duke of Normandy think he should be king of England? 
2. Why did Harold II think he should be king of England? 
3. Who else wanted to be king of England in 1066? 
4. According to the Bayeux Tapestry how did Harold die? 
5. On what date was the Battle of Hastings fought? 
6. If you visited Hastings in 2020 what evidence for the historic battle would you be able to see? (There are lots of tourist attractions – look at the Hastings tourism website.) 
Find a photograph of part of the Bayeux tapestry and draw your own copy. 
Challenge: Can you make a tapestry extract in the style of the Bayeux but reflecting modern times? What would a television look like drawn in the ancient style? What would your garden or car look like? 
Now make a Powerpoint presentation about the Battle of Hastings or the tapestry itself. Use different slide layouts, background colours, fonts, transitions and animations. Can you add a hyperlink to a website? Can you make hyperlinks between slides? 
If you cannot make a Powerpoint then you may make an information brochure. 


Bonjour tout le monde,

this week, we are going to revise the vocabulary of food, more specifically "À la boulangerie" and expressing preferences.

Please watch this YouTube video - your task is explained at the end. When you have written your sentences, take a photo and upload it unto Arbor.  

You can also take a peek at these if you are interested in French food:  (at the baker's)      (history of the croissant...mmmmmm!)

Have fun – Amusez-vous bien

Madame Dejonghe