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Week beginning 27/04/2020 (Summer 1 Week 2)

Year 5. Summer 1. Week 2 Themed Assignments.

Three set tasks this week, two R.E. and one Art. You can attempt these assignments in any order and you have a week to complete them. Each one comes with its own instructions and learning materials.

R.E. 1 Sikhism

The Gurdwara

This task asks you to:

  • view a Power Point,
  • complete some straightforward comprehension questions,
  • compare aspects of the Gurdwara with other places of Worship.

R.E. 2 Sikhism

The Story of Guru Nanek

The 5 K’s

This task asks you to:

  1. View 2 video clips,
  2. Retell a story from the videos,
  3. Complete a matching activity on a worksheet.

Art. Shadow Puppets

  • Watch a “How to” video on You Tube
  • See how Mrs Herbert got on
  • Make a shadow puppet
  • Take a photo.

Summer 2. Week 2. Theme Assignments.


This week we are covering R.E. and Art.

Lesson 1. R.E. Sikhism: The Gurdwara.

Work through the Powerpoint and answer these questions. If you can't access the Power Point you might be able to find some of the answers by searching the Internet.


Q1. What is Guru Granth Sahib?

Q2. How do you recognise a Gurdwara?

Q3. What do Sikhs call their religious symbol?

Q4. Put the 6 actions from slide 19 in order.

Q5. Write 2 complex sentences describing the front of the Diwan. (slide 21)

Q6. What is Langar?


Q7. Find two similarities and two differences between the Gurdwara and other places of worship you visit or know about.

For example: Men and women sit separately in the Gurdwara and I know this is the same in the Mosque and the Synagogue, but in Church men and women can sit together.

Summer 2. Week 2. Theme Assignments.


This week we are covering R.E. and Art.

Lesson 2. R.E. Sikhism: The 5 K’s.

Watch these 2 BBC Bitesize videos.


Choose either the story of Guru Nanek or the story of the donkey and the tiger skin.

Retell one of these stories in your own words and don’t forget to use a range of sentence lengths and types (expanded noun phrases, relative clauses, compound sentences.)

Read the worksheet to match the names of each K to its picture and explanation. You can draw lines on the sheet or write/type a list matching the names to the objects and the explanations

Summer 2. Week 2. Theme Assignments.


This week we are covering R.E. and Art.

Lesson 3. Art. Make a shadow puppet.

Watch this You Tube clip and then make your own shadow puppet. As you can see from my photos, I didn’t have black card and it still worked. Sorry my shadows look faint and ghostly – I should have closed the curtains, I think.

Can you see who I tried to make for my puppet show?

Send us your photos. Have fun!

If you want to, you can write a short play for your puppet to perform.

Shadow Puppets


Bonjour tout le monde,

This week, we are starting a new topic: Mes Passe-temps. Over the next few weeks, we are going to learn the names of favourite pastimes (sports, quieter hobbies, and social pastimes too), have conversations about our plans for the weekend, etc.


Today, we are learning to tell the time. (It’s very useful when we need to arrange meeting with friends).


  • There is a powerpoint with the lesson and lots of exercises to do (speaking and writing). The more you practise the new vocabulary, the easier it is to remember it.
  • If the Ppt does not appear on Arbor, please download it from the school website.
  • If it does not open correctly on your i-pad, try downloading Powerpoint from the App Store (it's free) and open the Presentation with with. 


  • I’ve also created a revision set on Quizlet:


There is nothing to submit this week, but still a lot of work to do. We will use this vocabulary in our sentences in the coming weeks, so learn it.

Mrs Kay says she misses you very much and was very impressed by 5B’s work on ordering ice cream.

À bientôt

Mme D.