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Week beginning 30/03/2020

Hello Year 5. This is Mrs Herbert setting your next healthy eating assignment for week commencing 30th March. You can edit this document if you are working from Arbor.


Below is a photograph of my lunch.


  1. Can you see how I arranged my food?
  2. Identify the foods and classify them (remember “lettuce” will be classified as “fruit and vegetables”.)
  3. Is this a balanced meal? Give reasons.
  4. I bought all these food items from a supermarket. Where did the supermarket obtain them from? It is March in England. Were any of these vegetables grown here in Britain and if so, how?





After I have completed all my marking and other work I will want a tasty snack. The photo below shows my three choices. Which one would you pick? Which one should I choose?Can you persuade me which one to choose? You know I love science so use some science facts to help me decide. The best answers will compare all three items.





Lunch and snack


Bonjour tout le monde,

we continue learning about food and drinks. This week: Le vocabulaire des boissons au café.

Watch this video:

Listen carefully when you see the "Ecouter" logo; speak and try to memorise the words when you see the "Mémoriser" logo, and practise writing some sentences when you see the "Ecrire" logo (you can pause the video). 

Your task is explained at the end. Make sure you write you OWN sentences based on your tastes.

Note: Use le or la in front of the drink, but NOT un/une.



To join my Y5 Class, sign up to quizlet if parents / carers agree to it, then click on this link :

​I have created a set of flashcards specifically for you entitled "Au café". You can use it to revise the words and play games.

Have fun - Amusez-vous bien!

Madame Dejonghe

Remote home Learning, Year 5, Religious Education.

Our topic for this term is Judaism: Pesach (Passover)


Visit this website to learn the story of Moses parting the waves of the Red Sea.


  1. Find the Red Sea on a map and list the countries near to it. Then draw your own map or diagram.


  1. Retell the story of the parting of the waves of the Red Sea. You can be very dramatic and use plenty of powerful vocabulary especially adjectives including expanded noun phrases.


There are movie clips available to help you write your description. You may want to draw or paint a picture of the Red Sea.


Find a picture of a Seder plate. (There is one in the PDF file above)

At Passover Jewish families gather for a special Seder meal.

Find out what is served on the Seder plate and what special meanings each item has.

Jewish website: