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Tuesday 11.01.21 Phonics Lesson 2

Practise writing High Frequency words; a, an, as, at, if, in, is, it. 

Learn to read 'was' and to spell tricky words 'no' and 'go'


Tuesday 11.01.21 Expressive Art and Design Offline activity 3

Today we are going to learn a nursery rhyme all about animals. This links to our Understanding of the World activity where we learnt about vets.


What you will need: Your best singing voice! Optional props: small world animal toys. You might like to make your own animal stick puppets.

Talk about the different animals that you would find on a farm. Watch the following video and talk about the sounds that the animals make and the lines that are repeated in the nursery rhyme e.g. And on that farm he had a……………. EE-I-EE-I-O: 


Task: Record your child singing along to or performing Old Macdonald Had A Farm. They might like to make their own stick puppet animals or use toys from home to help them.

We can't wait to see your performances!


Tuesday 11.01.21 Handwriting Offline activity 2

A big 'Hello' to all the children in Reception!

Did you know that Handwriting doesn't have to be done with a pencil?!
You can make letters with almost anything!

Today you are going to learn about Capital Letters.
You will make the shape of these letters by using different things.

If you made playdough last week, or have something similar at home, then use that. You can use Lego pieces, as shown in the attached image, to make capital letters in the playdough. If you don't have Lego, you can use anything that is straight; for example, dried pasta tubes, straws, lollypop sticks, or another straight construction toy. If you don't have playdough, then use your Lego or other straight object, to print the Capital letter shapes on paper, for example in paint, from an ink pad, or even water with some food colouring in.

Alternatively, you could make capital letters using straws. The following clip shows you how. 


We're looking forward to seeing the different capital letter shapes you create.

Have fun everyone!


Monday 11.01.21 Phonics Lesson 1

Today we will be learning new digraphs 'oa' and 'ai'.

Watch Jolly Phonics songs:

'oa' song

'ai' song


Task: Make a collection or draw objects containing the sounds 'oa' and 'ai'


You can practise these new sounds on Phonics Play. Select Phase 3 for this week's sounds.


Monday 11.01.21 Maths Lesson 1

Main activity: Create two different groups from the same object. E.g. compare bears or counters. Chn to count the amount of objects in each group then use a 5 frame to find the total amount.  


Monday 11.01.21 Understanding the World Offline Activity 1


Today we are going to find out about another person who helps us.


What you will need: Your imagination and some toys that you can use as animal patients!


People who help us: Vets
Today we are going to think and talk about vets and how they help us. Do you or anybody you know have a pet? What do you/they need to do to look after them? Why might they need to go to the vets? (They can become unwell or get injured like us. They might need an x-ray, an injection or to have an injury looked at)


Read through the People who help us vets ppt/pdf and watch the following videos to find out more. 



To pretend to be a vet with your toys at home and upload a photo or video of you doing this!
Do your teddies need an x-ray after too much bouncing around on your bed? Have your dinosaurs got a sore throat from too much roaring?! What treatment do you think they need to get better?
You might like to write out some appointment cards for your patients or record what symptoms they have and what treatment you advise!


If you have a pet at home, we’d also love to see a photo of them! But please don’t try and give them medical treatment......let’s save that for the real vets! 😀