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Firs Farm Association (PTA)

What is the FFA and what do we do?

The role of the FFA is to encourage closer links between home and school. PTAs are best known for their fundraising work, but they have an important social function too. Our events help build a sense of community for the children, staff and parents of Firs Farm School

Yearly events we hold include:


A free Mr Marvel event for Reception to welcome new children & parents, our Halloween Disco, Christmas Fete & Santa’s grotto, Captain Fantastic party and disco, our fabulous Indulgence night, a family bingo night, cultural food event and our ever popular annual Summer Fete. We also put on numerous coffee mornings and bake sales.


Who Can Join?

All parents of children at our school are automatically a member of the FFA - just by being a parent! There are lots of opportunities to get as involved as you would like.



What commitment is required?

We appreciate all parent help; be it volunteering time on a stall at one of our fetes, donating items for raffle prizes or coming along to our regular meetings and coffee mornings.

If you would like to come along to a fundraising meeting, help out at an upcoming event, or suggest ways to raise or spend funds, it would be great to hear from you!

It is a great opportunity to play a bigger role in our school community as the FFA helps provide the extras to enhance the children’s learning journey.


 What do we spend funds on?

We work with the school to provide the finance for areas not covered by the school’s standard budget. The main criteria is that areas to be funded should benefit as many children as possible. 
In recent years, funding raised by the FFA has gone towards:


  • Renovation of the playground and play equipment
  • New play kitchens for reception classrooms
  • School visits from authors
  • Assistance with funds to put on Science Week, Literacy Week and Art Week for the whole school
  • Musical instruments for all years
  • Various other items such as books, reception equipment & PE equipment


Our current big fundraising project is the renovation of our school library. Work has already begun in the space and the FFA have purchased a large number of books already. There is still more to do though so watch this space.


Charitable status

In 2018, the FFA became a registered charity. This means that we are able to apply for fund matching and other grants such as our Aviva Community Fund campaign.

This also means that we have slightly more formal committee roles. Our current chair is Christina Kostara.



If you would like to help, please email us at, contact us via your class rep or fill in the form below.

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