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Phonics: Here are a list of sounds and tricky words the children have been taught.


Please use the jolly phonics songs to help them practise.

Here are some websites you could visit to help your child:

Phase 2:

Set 1: s a t p

Set 2: i n m d

Set 3: g o c k 

Set 4: ck e u r

Set 5: h b ff ll ss

Phase 3:

Set 6: j v w x

Set 7: y z zz qu


As of  Spring 1 Week 2 our phonic sounds will include graphemes which are either digraphs (two letters making one sound) or trigraphs (three letters making one sound)

week 2: ch sh th ng

week 3: ai ee igh oa

week 4: oo ar or ur 

week 5: ow oi ear air

week 6: ure er





Jolly Actions set 1 - 7

Phase 2 tricky words

Phase 3 Tricky words