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Illness including Covid

Illness in children including COVID

Always phone/email the office if your child is ill. If we don't hear from you we will contact you to find out why your child/ren are not in school.  More details on informing schools of your child's Attendance can be found on the Attendance/Lateness page (or use the link below). 


If your child has the symptoms associated with COVID such as high temperature, loss of smell/taste, symptoms of upper respiratory illness such as congestion please keep them off school until they feel better.  There is no requirement to test either your family or children (but you may wish to do so). 

If your child has positive test for COVID your child should stay at home for 3 days or until they feel better.



There are guidelines for the most common illnesses/queries that we get. If you are in doubt about the timings please speak to the school office and/or your GP/Practice.  You may be asked for evidence if your child's absence is cause for concern.


COVID: 3 days

VOMITING/DIARRHOEA: 48 hours after the last bout of vomiting and/or diarrhoea

CHICKEN POX: When all spots have scabbed over

MUMPS: 5 days after the swelling disappears

MEASLES: 4 days after the rash appears

SCARLET FEVER: 24 hours after starting antibiotics

FLU: General guidance is 3-5 days

IMPETIGO: 24 hours after starting treatment or when all scabs are dried

WHOPPING COUGH: 5 days after starting antibiotics (please check with your GP for full advice).


There is no need to stay away from school for:







If a child has a diagnosed condition and we have notification from medical professionals that medicene/treatment needs to administered during school hours then we will work with families to create a care plan/administration plan. This is regularly reviewed and families are responsible for ensuring we have supplies in school and that they are kept up to date. The most common types of medicene/treatment are Epipens and Asthma pumps. 


If you child is prescribed antibiotics we advise that these should be administered at home.  The most common dosage is 3x a day and there is enough time during home-hours for this to happen e.g. before school, return  home,  before bed.   This is because we are not in a position to store medicene or monitor children once they have taken it. 


If antibiotics are required more frequently please contact us to discuss. Any antibiotics that do come into school are done so at families own risk e.g. we do not take responsiblity for loss or spillage.