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Maths Week


Maths Week was incredibly fun and a great success. The whole school enjoyed using 2D and 3D shapes in a range of ways. Some activities included painting with shapes, shape hunts, building 3D models, using Beebots to draw shapes and playing mathematical games.


Amanah (6XB):

"During Maths Week, the whole school focused on Shape. In Year 6, we made pictures in the style of Kandinsky. We used 2D shapes and merged them together to create a piece of artwork. We also created a cardioid pattern using a circle. Some visitors came to the school from a company called ‘Magic Maths’. Other visitors from EngTec visited Year 6. They were engineers and they taught us about maths in the real world. They showed us some of the tools and gadgets they use to measure angles and the distance from one place to another. There was also a day where the whole school had a games day where we used our maths skills to play games like chess and puzzles. Everyone enjoyed maths week a lot and cannot wait for it to come again."


Winners of our TTRS competition were:

Year 3 and Year 5.


Winners of our Guess the Number of Sweets in a Jar competition were:

Red class and 6M


Winners of our Guess the Height of the teacher were:

1SR: Alihan

2C: Stanley

3P: Kleart

4KC: Haydn

5MB: Hugh

6XB: Jake