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Houses of Parliament session
On Thursday 14th March,  Year 6 were extremely lucky to have enjoyed an online session on Houses of Parliament. The children thoroughly enjoyed the fun and informative session with enthusiasm. They learnt how Laws were made in England, functioning of the Houses of Lords and Houses of Commons and also how to debate a bill. Overall, it was a great experience for Year 6 children and some of them have also decided that they would join politics when they grow up! Some of their work can be found here.

It's Party Time!!

Year 6 having a gala time at Christmas Party.

Christmas Jumper Day and Christmas Dinner

On Wednesday we all enjoyed a delicious Christmas dinner!

Children enjoyed their meals with friends and members of staff while listening to some of their favourite Christmas classics.

Check out some of our pictures from a very enjoyable afternoon.

Christmas Fayre

Thankyou to the FFA for organising a Covid-friendly Christmas fayre. The children participated in six different activities ranging from " Guess the weight of the cake " to  locating Santa on a map. It was great fun and helped us all get into the Christmas spirit!

Odd Socks Day - Anti-bullying


Odd Socks day happened when Year 6 were learning at home. As a year group we all took part in a live lesson where we looked at how to recognise bullying and identified actions we could take if we saw it. The Year group were very clear on what behaviour needs to be challenged and contributed well in these lessons. We also wore odd socks!

Year 6 have been studying the Shakespeare play - Romeo and Juliet. As part of our study we took part in a workshop where children took on key roles from the play and performed the main scenes. As classes we became the people of Verona witnessing the tragedy of the feuding Capulets and Montagues. Our Romeo's and Juliet's performed their roles with confidence. Thank you to the Year 6 children for engaging so well in our sessions. We have our fingers crossed that we will be doing an end of year play (Covid permitting) , as we have many outstanding performers. 


Thank you to the FFA for organising a scary Halloween hunt. The children had to spot all the of hidden scary pumpkins in the playground. In addition , each class took part in the Halloween Quiz , and scored highly. It was fantastic to see the children dressed up and taking part in one of our many Firs Farm traditions. Full marks to those parents and children who took the time to bring in their pumpkins and share them with us!

Halloween Hunt

Kite Week


At the end of the first half term we took part in Science week, which this year was all about kites! We designed and created our own kites as part of an experiment. Which kite would fly for the longest? One made from newspaper or one made from sugar paper? As part of our investigation, we each made a prediction, explained how we would carry out a fair test, made our kites, carried out our experiment, presented our results in a table and then evaluated our findings. The best part of the week was flying the kites - it was a lot of fun.