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Once again, the Spring Home Learning Projects blew us away! A big thank you to everyone who took the time and effort to make a project (or 2!) and bring them in to show. It is lovely to see how ideas come together in such an imaginative way.

World Book Day/Week 2020

Firstly, we all received our £1 book token which we can't wait to use towards a new text! We often spend time in Year 6 recommending books to our friends, so this is a great chance to buy one of those or find something completely new!


Next, we watched a fantastic show by Image Musical Theatre - "The reluctant dragon". We learnt all the songs within the show and sang along at the appropriate times. The story had a very good message; do not judge a book by its cover and do not tarnish everybody with the same brush! We understand how important it is to be KIND always.


What a fantastic time we have had for our last World Book Dress Up Day at Firs Farm! We began our day by taking part in a costume parade, where we got to show off all of our wonderful book costume ideas. It was great to recognise (or guess) all the outfits as they came past us; some children were from books we hadn't even read! It's given us lots of inspiration for our next book purchase. Then we took part in a 'Wolf on trial' assembly. It certainly was an action packed day.


We'd love to know, what is your favourite book?!





Royal Courts of Justice


This week, all of Year 6 visited the Royal Courts of Justice and performed a 'mock trial' in a real court room. Everyone played a vital role in the case and it was extremely interesting to see how children questioned one another and how they analysed the evidence given. The mock trial was a take on a real life court case from 2009 which triggered the change in law in regards to Cyber Bullying and Online Abuse/Harassment. As our children get older, it's essential that they're aware anything negative or unkind typed and posted online could be seen as damaging in the eyes of the law.


The trip was hugely successful and they all really enjoyed it. It was great to see all their hard work come to fruition on the day and they should all be very proud of themselves.


Well done Year 6!



To celebrate the end of our Dig For Victory Unit, Year 6 took part in a WW2 WOW Day consisting of testimonies of War survivors, learning the fictional story of Leo (a Jewish child living in Germany through the war) and taking part in discussions about different perspectives of the War.


During the day, the children were able to touch and explore different artefacts, use their map skills to determine which cities were destroyed and where the bombs were dropped as well as ask questions to an Austrian survivor who fled to England in 1938.


It was clear to see that all the children had learnt a lot about this period of time and their interest and passion was evident to everybody who worked with them that day. Our visitors commented on how enthusiastic and polite the children were and noted how engrossed they had become with this topic.


Thank you for all of your support with the home learning projects this term and we hope all the children have enjoyed learning about this significant piece of history.


Up next...Staying Alive!

WW2 D&T Projects

For our D&T Project, we decided to make...
...war time medals, ribbons and presentation boxes
We started my making the medal out of clay.
Before painting them in bright metallic colours.
We used our cutting skills to saw bits of wood.
Using felt, we made ribbons for our medals.
Here are some of our finished medals.
We had to be very safe when using a saw!
Once complete, we assembled our medal boxes!
Each table then showed off their great work.
We really enjoyed this project...
...and were able to practice lots of skills.
This is something we'll treasure for a long time.

Read with me!

We began by reading the text 'Eric'.
As a class we answered questions on the text.
Them, we decided what game to make.
We chose the questions...
...and the design!
It was a very creative afternoon.
We loved working with all our adults.
Soon, we'll play the games in class.
We then had a chance to finish off...
...and played the games with our friends.
It was so much fun!
Everyone has been so creative :)

Year 6 trip to Milfield Theatre

YEAR 6 AT TOLMERS CAMP (30.10.2019)

Dig For Victory Homework projects