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Personal Social & Health Education (PSHE)

Firs Farm Primary School promotes the Spiritual, Moral, Cultural, Mental and Physical Development (SMSC) of its pupils through Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) Education.


At Firs Farm Primary School, we follow the National Curriculum using guidance from the Department of Education and resources from the PSHE association, which gives the children the opportunity to discuss many moral, social and cultural issues, relevant to their everyday lives in and out of school.  Pupils are effectively taught a variety of skills needed to become confident members of our local community and prepare them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life. 


PSHE education also incorporates lessons relating to drug education, relationship and sex education (RSE) where teachers use the Christopher Winter Project to aid their teaching. We also deliver talks to parents to inform them when RSE is being taught, to look at resources and to encourage any questions.


Alongside PSHE education we believe the vision and ethos of the school should be based on a foundation of core values which are taught explicitly in lessons and through assemblies. These include the fundamental British Values as well as the Rights and Respecting Articles. 


PSHE lends itself to have reflective whole school weeks, such as Antibullying/Friendship week, Children's Mental Health Week and throughout the month of June, we celebrate how everyone is different.


In July of 2015 we were awarded the Silver Healthy Schools Award, which shows acknowledgement to our Drugs Education. In October 2016 we achieved the Gold Award for the School Travel Plan. By 2018 we introduced and embedded the Daily Mile which the children still participate in today. It involves the opportunity to run a mile around the playground during the school day (not break or lunch time) giving the children time to have a mental break from class and to regain some energy for lesson time. It has been a huge success, and the children love it.