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In KS2 children have many opportunities to have new experiences out of class including residential stays. We believe children benefit from these opportunities in many ways including working collaboratively as teams or in paired work, developing their independence and resilience in being away from home.  They also have lots of fun!

We have the following events:

YEAR 3: SLEEPOVER IN THE SCHOOL! One night sleep-over in the school hall during the Summer Term. Children have a light snack, games, songs and even a campfire before  bedding down for the night. 



Year 3 Sleepover Summer Term 2023

YEAR 4: ACTIVITY CAMP: Children have a one-night stay in a camp during the Summer Term. Previously we have used Bushcraft in Cuffley Camp, Herts  but in 2023 we will be going to Tolmers Scout Camp in Cuffley. Children stay one night in a lodge and have 2 days of activities and camping experiences . 



YEAR 5: TRIP TO FRANCE!  Children visit the French city of Lille. We go directly via Eurostar all in one-day. Children experience travel to Lille, a tour of the city and use their French speaking skills to order food, speak to locals and generally get around. 



YEAR 6: SCHOOL JOURNEY. Children have a 3-day residential stay at Bawdsey Manor in Suffolk. It is run by PGL who have we have organised these trips with for many years.  The residential runs from Friday to Monday and children enjoy a wide variety of activities. 

Year 6 PGL Bawdsey Manor Sept 2023