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Purpose and Aim


"At Firs Farm we promote a love for physical activity, alongside developing physical literacy and understanding of the skills needed to excel in sport. We provide a comprehensive and balanced curriculum, with opportunities for all. We endeavor to develop the enjoyment of competitive sports, by building resilient, respectful and confident sportsmanship.” 


At Firs Farm, we believe a high-quality physical education curriculum equips children with competence to understand the knowledge of physical education, whilst instilling confidence in physical activity. We believe our PE curriculum educates our students in understanding the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle. We aim for pupils to foster positive attitudes towards a healthy lifestyle, enabling them to make informed choices about physical activity throughout their lives. 


We believe that PE is a unique subject which supports children in developing their personality, talents and abilities to the full. The aim of the PE at Firs Farm Primary School is to empower students with the knowledge, values, skills and personal qualities to pursue a lifelong love of physical activity and sport. We also firmly believe that competitive sport and 'opportunities for ALL' can co-exist in a busy school environment. 



At Firs Farm, our PE program is adapted from the Enfield team PE scheme which incorporates a broad and balance Physical Education curriculum. All pupils receive 2 hours of scheduled PE which is delivered by their class teacher and members of staff at Firs Farm. Using the foundation of the Enfield PE plans, this provides a detail outline for teachers to adapt and amend to suit all needs within their class. Our lessons have clear structure to ensure children understand the health and safety of physical education, through our warm up and cool downs. Our overview of coverage throughout the year demonstrates not only how we are able to implement a broad range of units, but also how we build on the progression of each unit. The use of questioning is heavily used within our lessons to ensure we are reviewing previous learning and building upon that to challenge and support all.


At Firs Farm, we increase opportunity for all with competitive and non competitive sport. In Year 5, the curriculum is further enhanced when they visit a local swimming centre, where they are taught crucial swimming skills. During these visits, pupils are taught to swim competently, understand the importance of water safety and persevere at achieving a swimming distance of 25m. 


As a Rights Respecting School, we value the importance of respect, building self-esteem and resilience in our school community. We believe that opportunities to compete in sport and other physical activities, build character and help to embed values such as fairness and respect. We provide the opportunity for pupils to attend a range of enrichment clubs in their own time and take part in competitive events throughout the year. Previously, these have involved attending Lee Valley Athletics Centre, and many league games within the Enfield Borough. 


We value the importance of building independence at Firs Farm and this is further exercised during lunch time activities. Play leaders and coaches arrange a variety of activities during lunchtimes, for children to choose and take part in. These activities are tailored for all and are often on a rotation basis to cover and suit all interests and needs. Our Year 6 Sports Captains take ownership in supporting the management of small games and the use of equipment.


Furthermore, we focus heavily on highlighting how we can live a healthy lifestyle outside of our PE lessons. Firs Farm emphasises the importance of a healthy and balanced meal, implementing 'Green, Amber and Red' foods at lunch time to communicate this to families. In addition, we are often taking part in activities outside the curriculum such as the Daily Mile, National Fitness Day and previous Jubilee events. 



At Firs Farm, we use PE floor books and videos to evidence our lessons. This is an excellent document for children to look at and reflect on previous learning, showing clear progression throughout the unit. Throughout and following each lesson, teachers use questioning, peer and teacher modelling, to assess where children are. This allows time for adaptation and amendments to be made. Additionally, following completion of the unit, teachers use the Enfield PE Age Related expectations grid to assess where individual children are. We look at the criteria of Emerging, Established or Exceeding to see where each child best fits. This allows us to see where children may need extra support to achieve the Established, or alternatively further opportunities for our gifted and talented.