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Geography Rocks at Firs Farm Primary School.


Geography can inspire children to think about their own place in the world, their values, their rights and responsibilities to other people and to the environment.


At Firs Farm we encourage children to celebrate diversity and we love learning about other cultures. Geography underpins much of the school curriculum and teaches many skills of enquiry and research.


Our Reception children enjoy learning about the world around them with role play about transport, farming and the moon. In the second half of the year they begin to recognise their local area with visits to the Post Office and Local Park.


Throughout the school children learn about physical geography with in-depth studies of specific natural phenomena (volcanoes being a favourite!) We study people and places through a range of comparative schemes from Kenya in Year 2 to contrasting London with Rio de Janeiro in Year 6.



Children love working with globes, atlases and maps, they become competent at drawing and interpreting maps; also they locate places and zones on blank maps.


We undertake fieldwork in the summer term with a focus on the Firs Farm Wetlands newly opened and just a short walk away from the school. Year 1 and Year 4 visit the seaside and assemblies include the life cycle of Roger the Rock, all backed up with many displays around the school.


As part of our commitment to being a vibrant and inclusive centre for learning, in 2017 we held our first Geography Day. Each year group studied a country and then became the experts to teach another year group about their research in an active learning environment. Highlights included tasting Polish beetroot soup, learning a Spanish rap and Reception taught the School Council how to tango!


The Firs Farm Geography curriculum comprehensively covers the National Curriculum; teaching, learning and planning are regularly monitored in order to ensure our children achieve the Age Related Expectations for Geography.