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At Firs Farm, we know the crucial role mathematics plays in our daily lives so we aim to equip our pupils with a secure mathematical education and encourage them to be keen and confident mathematicians.


From the moment our pupils begin at Firs Farm, they are immersed in mathematical language and practical activities that allow them to explore numbers, shape and measures and build on their conceptual understanding which will all be linked to real-life contexts. The use of concrete resources allows the children to strengthen and secure their mathematical understanding and ability. This enables them to transfer their skills of using concrete resources as a support, to thinking abstractly.


As the children move through Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, they are taught a range of written methods for calculating for all of the mathematical operations and they continue to build on their conceptual understanding through problem solving and reasoning tasks. Our pupils are taught to use and apply their mathematical knowledge and understanding when problem solving effectively and efficiently. Pupils are encouraged to explain their mathematical reasoning and have a good understanding of the mathematical language used.


Number, Geometry, Measurement and Statistics are the Key areas covered in the curriculum.



Click on the web links below for White Rose Maths videos to support your child's maths learning: