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At Firs Farm we believe that Music is a vital part of children’s primary school learning, helping them to develop a number of important skills such as creativity, listening and teamwork, and providing them with innumerable opportunities for self-expression.



Music is taught by class teachers once a week as a discrete subject. We ensure that our music lessons meet the demands of the new National Curriculum for Music. 



In addition to classroom lessons, the children have a variety of opportunities to further develop their musical skills:



Music Enrichment Programmes

With support from the Enfield Music Service, every child in KS1 and KS2 participates in a music enrichment programme each academic year, and showcases what they have learned in an end-of-programme concert for their peers and parents:



Year 1 – Singing Partnership Festival

Year 2 – Tin Whistle

Year 3 – Recorder

Year 4 – Enfield Sings

Year 5 – West African Drumming




Assemblies and concerts

Children are exposed to a wide range of music during assemblies and school concerts, and participate in whole-school singing sessions to learn songs for special occasions such as our Christmas carol and end-of-year concerts.



Extracurricular opportunities

KS2 Choir

We have a KS2 Choir, run by Mrs Martin, who have performed at the North London Hospice, the Firs Farm Wetlands Festival, the O2 Arena (as part of the Young Voices initiative) and various school events.


Private Music Lessons

Each term, tutors from the Enfield Music Service come to the school to teach pupils individually or in small groups. Instruments currently being learned are: double bass, piano, keyboard, clarinet, recorder, guitar. Lessons range from 15-30 mins.