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In Year 3 we have been learning about Healthy Eating. We have been discussing the different food groups including; Protein, Carbohydrates, Dairy, Fats/Sugars and Fruits/Vegetables. During the series of lessons we have been using our Design and Technology skills of planning, designing, creating and evaluating to make a healthy sandwich. We had a variety of different ingredients to choose from and discussed their healthy value. Whilst making our healthy sandwiches we were encouraged to pick something from the 'healthy challenge table' which consisted of some fruits/vegetables that we haven't tried before. We really enjoyed this interactive and educational project! Thank you to everyone who donated! 

Healthy eating project

Christmas has begun! The Elf has arrived...

Christmas has begun! The Elf has arrived... 1
Christmas has begun! The Elf has arrived... 2
Christmas has begun! The Elf has arrived... 3
Christmas has begun! The Elf has arrived... 4


Year 3 have been learning about volcanoes in Geography. Throughout the topic we have been using our English skills by writing a letter, experimenting with papier mache, using our computing skills to research information and collaborating with each other to make decisions. We have been leading up to making our own 3D volcanoes. We chose out of Composite, Shield, Cinder cone, Lava domes and discussed what materials we would need. Finally we erupted the volcanoes!

Exploding volcanoes

Exploding volcanoes 1
Exploding volcanoes 2
Exploding volcanoes 3
Exploding volcanoes 4
Exploding volcanoes 5
Exploding volcanoes 6
Exploding volcanoes 7
Exploding volcanoes 8
Exploding volcanoes 9

We have been exploring the origin of food through our Black History Week

Thank you for all your kind donations of pumpkins and squashes. Most of the children enjoyed investigating the texture and smell of the pumpkins and some even enjoyed tasting them. They were surprised by how much they liked eating them, with some children consuming nearly an entire pumpkin! Look out for the requests for pumpkin soup.


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

What a fantastic trip to Celtic Harmony for a Stone Age Experience! When we arrived at the encampment we divided into three tribes , Bears , Eagles and Boars agreeing to come in peace and learn from the tribe. Our day started in the roundhouse where we were shown how to make fire , thought creating friction by rubbing two sticks together and generating an ember. We were amazed when a few minutes later there was a great fire! We then went off to make our own shelters , hunt for food , gather, cook and make tools. The children were able to experience an authentic environment and were clearly enjoying the learning opportunities. We appreciate everyone's contribution to making this such an amazing trip.

Celtic Harmony trip

Celtic Harmony trip 1 Entrance to the Camp - we come in peace
Celtic Harmony trip 2 Making a fire!
Celtic Harmony trip 3 Building a shelter
Celtic Harmony trip 4 Hunting for a mammoth
Celtic Harmony trip 5 Making and learning about tools
Celtic Harmony trip 6 Making herb soup
In our Year 3 classes we have been immersing ourselves in our topic Rocks and Roll. Today we read The First Drawing by Caldecott Medallist, which is about a boy who was the first to create a drawing on a cave wall in his family. It beautifully describes his process and desire to communicate. Then we looked at some pictures of original cave paintings discovered by archaeologists across the world.To create our pictures we used authentic minerals from Lascaux Caves in the south of France to create the brown colour. This was contrasted with other pastels of a similar hue. Finally , in our tribes , we told our own stories through drawings.

Stone Age cave paintings

Stone Age cave paintings 1
Stone Age cave paintings 2
Stone Age cave paintings 3