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Sports Day, 16.07.2021

Year 3 made their very own 'Forkies'- like in Toy Story 4. They will write their own stories and film them. If all goes well, we will upload the films that children make on this page.

Year 6 Enterprise was a fun day, where all the junior classes could visit and have fun at the stalls created and manned by our Year 6 children.

Bark off! was a week in which we learned all about looking after pet dogs and we learned about charities that help rescue dogs from the streets. The children made masks and collected funds for dog charities.

When learning about position and direction, Year 3 had great fun programming BeeBots and BlueBots to follow certain routes to get to a predetermined point or draw a shape.

Ottoline and the Yellow Cat- Year 3 have been reading this lovely book by Chris Riddel. They had drama sessions in classes, dressing up like Ottoline or Mr. Munroe, or acting out different jobs: cleaners, cooks, electricians, 'pillow plumpers', 'door handle shiners', 'tooth paste lid re-palcers' and 'clothes packers'. We thought about Mr. Munroe's feelings and thoughts.

Year 3 had a lovely day thinking about how to make delicious sandwiches, while looking after their personal and the surroundings hygiene.

Year 3 had a very informative workshop online from the Jewish Museum, learning about the Jewish sacred book, Torah. Some children wrote about their learning- their texts are published underneath. The children also made and wore Kipah.

On Friday, 7th May 2021, we supported the NSPCC by taking part in Number Day. Many of our children wore significant numbers- from sports T-Shirts to Platform 9 and 3/4 tops inspired by Harry Potter books. We are collecting money for this important charity.

We had a lovely week- we started the Music lessons (recorders) and we had a chance to look at a frog and a newt at close range when Mr. Smith and Mme Dejonghe cleaned the pond!"

Odd socks day- celebrating our differences!

Our Changing World topic looks at changes that happen around us. As we did so, we collected some leaves and did a Mindfulness picture. We had great fun.

For our History topic Stone Age, children looked at artefacts and tried to find out what was the use of the objects and the materials they were made of.

Year 3 had a lovely time during the Halloween day doing a Halloween disco, searching for pumpkins and taking part in a home-carved pumpkin competition. Here are some of the pictures from Thrusday.