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Religious Education (RE)

Welcome to Religious Education at Firs farm Primary School!


We are very proud to announce that Firs Farm was the first school in Enfield to be awarded the Religious Education (RE) Quality Mark at Gold level in July 2014! The award lasts for three years and we managed to achieve the Gold Level REQM once again in July 2017.


The staff work very hard to provide engaging, creative and challenging RE with an enquiry based learning approach, where children have the opportunity to ask deep and meaningful questions in a safe environment.


At Firs Farm Primary School, RE is taught in accordance with the Enfield Agreed Syllabus, which sets out clearly the statutory entitlement to RE for pupils in all non-denominational schools in Enfield. The religion specific programmes of study are innovative and show clear progression across the key stages. We teach from the ‘Enfield Scheme of Work’ to ensure coverage of the Enfield Syllabus.


The Syllabus makes a significant contribution to the understanding of the nature of religion and belief, to a better understanding of the communities that uphold them and contributes to the Every Child Matters agenda. In addition to this, RE is a great vehicle for delivering the British Values; for example, 'The Rule of Law' is addressed when Sacred Texts are explored and when pupils examine different codes for living life such as Commandments. Our classrooms are democratic and safe spaces, where all pupils regardless of their faith and ethnicity, have the right to be heard.


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