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Trip to The British Museum on Friday 8th October 2021

Year 3 enjoyed a fantastic school trip to The British Museum in London on Friday 8th October. All of the children showed great enthusiasm exploring the Ancient Egyptian exhibition in the museum. The children walked around the museum and observed Ancient Egyptian sculptures of Gods and Goddesses, Hieroglyphics, Egyptian mummies, including coffins and skeletons! The children discovered evidence about Ancient Egyptians beliefs that If they could reach the afterlife, they believed they would find a perfect version of their life on earth. The children found out that It wasn't easy to get there though. People buried valuable and important objects in tombs to help the dead make the journey. All of the children had an opportunity to take a closer look at a selection of objects which were all used in caring for the dead. The children were fascinated by the range of magnificent artefacts and the colossal sculptures with animal heads and carvings that represented all that was great about the Ancient Egyptian world. 


Finally, a great big Thank you and well done to all of the adult volunteers who helped to make our year 3 trip really special on the day. You were all amazing and your support was invaluable.

The British Museum Trip