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Netball League Tournament 2023

On Tuesday 10th October 2023, the Firs Farm Netball team took part in the High -Five Netball League tournament. The match was held at Highfield Primary School, Winchmore Hill. The team consisted of Eliese, Keziah, Maya, Saffiyah, Amanah, Amelia and Etta.

It was a thrilling match between Firs Farm School and Edmonton County Primary School. A highly anticipated event that showcased exceptional athleticism and skill from both teams.

The match started off with an energetic atmosphere as the teams took to the court. Players from Firs Farm School demonstrated their determination and passion for the game, setting the tone for an exhilarating competition.

There were many standout moments of the match, as the Firs Farm players exhibited exceptional skills and strategic play. Well done to all team members!

The dynamic style of play and versatility from the team, resulted in Maya and Eliese showcasing their prowess on the court by scoring an impressive two goals each! The Firs Farm team’s dedication to the sport was unmistakable. They played with passion and determination throughout the entire match.

The final score was 4-1 to Firs Farm!

The players from Firs Farm School and Edmonton County Primary School showcased sportsmanship, teamwork, and resilience throughout the match, making it a memorable event for all involved.

A big thank you to Firs Farm School and Edmonton County Primary School for their participation in the match. We cannot wait to see what future contests hold for our talented Netball team!


Written by

Maya 6M

Netball League Update

On the 28th February, Firs Farm played against 2 talented Enfield Netball teams. Firstly, we played against St Pauls and tied 3-3. Summer 6X, scored 1 goal and Medina 5HB scored 2 goals. We communicated well and worked as a team.  


Our second match was against Houndsfield and despite losing this match, our team showed great skill, excellent defending, resilience and teamwork. Thank you to Coach Safiye and Miss Constantinou for the support.  


A big well done to Jemimah, Mia, Maya, Inaya, Abigail, Summer, Neve, Medina and Pariss. Can you please stand up and come to the front and let’s give them a round of applause!


By Medina and Pariss

Firs Farm Football League Update


Firs Farm Football team played two matches, on Monday 20th of February. Our first game against Starksfield Primary school was a brilliant, nerve raking win with the final score of 2-1 to us! Well done to Thailan and Andrew both in 5HB for scoring a goal each – Andrew scored a terrific goal in the last few seconds to win the game. Our second match was a thrilling game to watch as it ended up being 3-1 against Hazelbury Primary school. A huge well done to Thailan in 5HB, Eesa in 6M and Owyn in 6H for all scoring amazing goals.

Well done to Kai for saving an incredible amount of shots to win all our games. The Firs Farm Football Team were absolutely amazing, well done to Gabriel, Eesa, Owyn, Thailan, Kai, Georgio, Taylan, Andrew and Keyaan excellent teamwork, collaboration and perseverance showed in both our successful games – roll on the next match!


By Eesa Madarbux 6M