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Autumn 2 Home Learning Projects

Final deadline for all projects: Wednesday 11th December

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First Year 4 Autumn Term project


Over the course of the Autumn Term, you will be completing a series of projects linked to our ‘Walk like an Egyptian’ topic in order to extend your learning. We are starting off by setting one project and will set the rest next half term.

Your task this half term is to create a travel guide taking your readers on a tour of the sites of Ancient Egypt.


What are the most important sites that you think they should visit? The pyramids of Giza? The Valley of the Kings? Thebes? Why do you think they are important? Use factual information for your descriptions and in support of your choices.


We would like you to present your guide as a booklet. Please think carefully about the layout, making it attractive and engaging for your readers.


The booklet should be detailed and of high quality. Your writing should include correct punctuation and descriptive language. Please check your spelling carefully as well.


Your booklet is due on Wednesday 16th October. We hope you enjoy creating it!


Well done to all the children who brought in fantastic projects last half term. They look amazing!


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