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Vicious Vikings - Y5

This term, Year 5 covered ‘Vikings’ as part of their History learning. They learnt that the Vikings were Norse people who came from an area called Scandinavia, now known as Norway, Sweden and Denmark. They mostly settled in the Danelaw, to the north and east of England.

Lady of the Mercian (870 – 12 June 918) ruled Mercia in the English Midlands from 911 until her death. She was the eldest daughter of Alfred the Great, king of the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Wessex, and his wife Ealhswith. Æthelflæd was born around 870 at the height of the Viking invasions of England.

The children carried out researches, conducted whole class discussions and read useful text to further their knowledge about Viking invasions, their lifestyle, culture, religious belief, warfare weapons and how they settled in England.

They learnt that the Vikings embroidered their garments over the seams and around the edges with stitches from the backstitch family.

As part of their cross-curricular Design and Technology learning, the children followed our research, design and create process to make their own Viking shields. They used different stitches to decorate and embroider the shields in Bayeux tapestry style. The children enthusiastically completed their project by evaluating their own work and judging the effectiveness of their design.

Here are some photos of their learning journey.